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Orders are dealt with immediately and can be delivered by refrigerated transport the same day.

We deliver free within a 10 mile radius. Minimum order value £150.


You can also download our price lists (in PDF format) for future reference or to help when telephoning your order.
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Other Products

We also stock Brazilian, New Zealand and Irish Beef and Lamb products.

Please contact us for availability and prices on these items.

Halal Guaranteed

All our products are guaranteed Halal.

Details of certification can be produced on request.


Product Range

We sell and distribute a range of Halal only products

beefScottish Beef
Beef Bones - Brisket - Oxtail
Ox Tongue - Whole Fillet - Striploin
Beef Mince - Steak Mince - Rump Steaks
Silverside - Diced Shoulder Steak
Sliced Shoulder Steak - Shoulder - Top Side of Beef

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Scottish Lamb
Leg - Loin Chops - Cutlets
Spring Lamb - French trimmed Rack
Leg Mince - Noisettes - Shank
Shoulder Mince - Mutton Leg Diced
Chops - Shoulder Diced

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UK Chicken
Chicken Fillet (various weights)
Whole Chickens (various weights)
Chicken Supreme (various weights)
Chicken Tikka-Diced Fillet
Chicken Drumsticks
Chicken Trimmed Fillets

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Also available:

  • Masala Fish
  • Quail

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We also sell Brazilian and New Zealand Lamb and Irish Beef, but please contact us should you wish to purchase any of these items.

Please telephone your orders on 0131 557 6934.
You may also send any queries to

Our products are for wholesale purposes only.
Prices for Brazilian, New Zealand and Irish meat can be provided upon request.